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There is nothing wrong with you

Have you ever been branded ‘too sensitive’? As if there is something wrong with you, rather than the situation you found yourself in. You doubt your feelings; you are not sure what your needs are; you feel like you are not as important as others. Saying ‘no’ seems selfish. Your life doesn`t feel like it is yours because it revolves around others. You crave to be loved and taken care of, but it`s not happening. You don`t know what you are doing wrong and just wish for things to change. You are exhausted, overwhelmed, feeling like you cannot get anything right. Anxiety is your frequent companion.

Who do I help?

I help people who are co-dependent, suffering from psychological trauma; emotional and narcissistic abuse; dealing with toxic shame. I help you to establish healthy boundaries and find your way to relating to the world in a more efficient way, as well as make sense of your past experiences and what they mean to you now and how you could transform your pain into personal power.

To book a session contact me here:

Marina Stepanova, PGDip, MBACP

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