What to expect

There is nothing wrong with you

I believe that all of our feelings are important and are valid - we feel what we feel for a reason. 

Our brain`s job is to keep us alive so it would do anything to keep us safe. This means that if some or all of our needs were not met when we were growing up (for example, your home environment was unstable or you didn`t feel safe), we built so-called defense mechanisms. For example, if you were continuously shamed for crying, after some time you would have numbed your feelings and kept them inside regardless of what was going on around you. If that was the case then you would struggle expressing how you feel in your adult relationships. That is one example of a defense mechanisms.

Feeling worried, anxious, depressed, constantly 'on guard' are defense mechanisms at work. The only difference is that now the danger (physical, mental, emotional) has passed and those defenses, rather than helping us survive, prevent us from living our lives to the full.

This is why I believe that there is nothing wrong with you. You may be living your life out of those past experiences or being ruled by beliefs and feelings that you are not aware of or where they came from. 

Part of our work together is becoming aware of your feelings, emotions, and reactions through exploring them, working through them, processing them and making a sense out of them. 

When we are aware we have a choice.

My approach

I am trained in Integrative Psychotherapy. I combine Person-Centred and Gestalt approaches with elements of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. I believe that by integrating theories and tools those approaches have to offer, I am able to tailor our therapy sessions to your needs. I am also informed by attachment theory and somatic experiencing.