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Thank you for visiting my page. I`m so glad you`re here!

My name is Marina. I am a qualified psychotherapist with private practice in Bedford, UK, as well as online. I absolutely love working with my clients and being part of their journey to creating lives that are more on their terms.  

If you have been doubting yourself for a while (or even a long while) and are unsure of what you need and how you can help yourself, you`re in the right place.


I work with people who may feel like they are not as important as others and tend to spread themselves thin to help everyone around. Self-sacrifice might have even become their norm. 

I`m wondering, if you are feeling exhausted or overwhelmed (or both), because your life revolves around others. Do you feel it would be selfish to put boundaries in place and say 'no'? Do you feel you would lose relationships if you did that? 

I`m also imagining that you may feel like it`s time to change some things. 

If you would like to find out how I can help you - send me a message to discuss your needs and book your free initial phone consultation. 

I`m trained in approach that`s called Integrative. It means that I combine different elements from several schools of Psychotherapy to create something that suits you as an individual. 


Specializing in Codependence and Narcissistic abuse

About Me and Services I Offer:

I work with people who tend to:

  • Say “yes” to things they want to say “no” to

  • Say “no” to things they want to say “yes” to

  • Feel like whatever they do is never enough

  • Compare themselves to others and lose every time

  • Think over and over again about situations that happened during the day, trying to work out if they sounded stupid or offended someone

  • Self-sacrifice out of fear of being called or seen as selfish

A bit of my story:

In my twenties, I became anxious, depressed and completely unable to navigate life and relationships in a functional way. I did whatever it took to not be alone; my fear of being abandoned, which stemmed from my childhood experiences, ruled my life completely.


I wasn`t aware of it at the time. It led me to get involved in unhealthy relationship dynamics, jobs I hated, and make friends with people who didn`t appreciate me. I was just unhappy about my life in general.

I felt inadequate and embarrassed about every aspect of myself. All my energy went into hiding my real self from the world. People saw me as happy, bubbly, and outgoing. All of those things I worked hard to preserve and keep up the appearances. Needless to say, I felt unfulfilled. I felt like a fraud.

Cutting the long story short, I hit my version of rock bottom. It forced me to go on a journey of self-discovery. I wanted to know who I really was and how I could feel better about myself so that I could function in a healthy way and not get overwhelmed by anxiety and feelings of shame.

Step by step, I learned why I felt how I felt and gained some tools to change my worldview and my behaviour.


I gave myself permission to be imperfect - to be human.

I am still learning, because this journey is forever-evolving. However, I now know who I am. I know that I am enough just as I am. 


I would love to help you to start your own journey. There is no place for toxic positivity in my practice, but we will celebrate you, your efforts and your wins. You will learn self-compassion and self-validation amongst other things.